Emu Eggs for Hatching

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Emus lay their eggs seasonally. Starting usually around the end of October to the end of March. Best availability of emu eggs is January to Mid-March.

The eggs are carefully wrapped and packaged in packing material. We ship the fresh eggs by Priority Mail and arrival is within 1 to 3 days.

The eggs weigh between 550 to 725 grams each. Our eggs come from pairs that have a history of fertility and hatchability. The birds have been fed quality emu feed and they are raised without antibiotics and hormones and no chemicals are used on our farm.

We include incubation information with your order and are happy to offer after sale support throughout the incubation and rearing process.

+++NOTE: Emu eggs are VERY LARGE and you will need an incubator that will accommodate them. We use a GQF cabinet style sportsman type incubator. When incubating eggs, they need to be kept at the proper temperature and humidity and rotation of eggs is necessary to help ensure a successful hatch.

+++NOTE: We Make NO GUARANTEES for live hatch due to possible circumstances of improper incubation and etc. (weather related or otherwise) during the 50-52 day incubation period required for these eggs.
We have no control of mishandling of packages and etc. during shipping; which could cause unhatchability.

The eggs are insured against breakage. In case of breakage, contact your postmaster to file your claim.

You will need your sales receipt, shipping label, contents, and shipping containers when filing your insurance claim.

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