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Emu Pet Treats 8oz (12 packages)

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Emu Pet Treats 8oz (12 packages)

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Healthy Emu Meat Snack Your Pet Will Love



Fresh, Clean, Emu Eggs for Incubating!

We are selling emu eggs that are carefully wrapped and packaged in packing material.  We ship the eggs by Priority Mail and they usually arrive in 2-3 days.  But, buyer may choose Priority Express and the eggs would arrive within 1-2 days.

The eggs weigh between 550 to 725 grams each.  Our eggs come from pairs that have a history of fertility and hatchability.  Fresh eggs under 7 days old have the best hatchability.

We only ship eggs that are clean when gathered and have not been washed.  Any eggs that are washed would remove the natural protective coating which keeps contaminates out. 

Our emus have been fed quality emu feed and they are raised without antibiotics and hormones and no chemicals are used on our farm.


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