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Purple Emu - Purple Rub Pain Relief Cream .25oz (Trial Size)

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Purple Emu - Purple Rub Pain Relief Cream .25oz (Trial Size)

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An all-natural rub for relief of joint and muscle pain using 30% emu oil



Purple Rub is an amazing pain relief cream excellent for sore muscles, achy joints, sprains and strains, and day-to-day discomforts from sports, chores and all activities. Purple Rub has an enjoyable cooling sensation when applied to the skin with a pleasant, light scent of menthol.

Purple Rub contains no chemical ingredients. It is an all-natural formulation that also contains no polymers that can clog the skin's pores. The fact that Purple Rub contains 30% emu oil gives it a high transdermal efficiency factor for carrying active ingredients deep into the third layer of the derma. Purple Rub's ability to travel deep into the skin provides you with maximum healing benefits and relief from aches and pains.

Because Purple Rub is an all-natural product it has no adverse side effects and does not cause the skin irritations sometimes associated with other rubs due to their chemical ingredients, polymers and thickeners.

What better way to find relief from your aches and pains than with an all-natural product that comes with a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. Whatever your source of pain give Purple Rub a try today!

Active ingredients:

Menthol (7.9%) and Camphor (3%)

Inactive ingredients (in alphabetical order):

Aloe (barbadensis) leaf extract, blackcurrant (ribes nigrum) seed oil, borage (borago officinalis) seed oil, boswellia acid, emu oil (dromaius oil), hemp seed (cannabis sativa) oil, salicylic acid, tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) oil, dl tocopherol (vitamin E) and willow bark (salix alba) extract


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