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Common Uses for Emu Oil and Emu Oil-based Products Include

Arthritis Pain and Stiffness   -   Rheumatism   -   Joint or Muscle Pain and Stiffmess

Growing Pains   -   Sports Injuries   -   Warm Up Muscles Prior Activity   -   Increase Mobility

Prevent Soreness when used with Workouts   -   Reduce Lost Time Due to Injury 

Bruising   -   Swelling    -   Tendonitis   -   Bursitis   -   Muscle Cramps   -   Aches   -   Sprains

Strains   -   Anti-Inflammatory   -   Minor Cuts and Scratches   -   Wounds   -   Incisions

Itching   -   Insect Bites   -   Bee Stings   - Shingles   -   Athletes Foot   -   Thin Skin

Acne Relief   -   Psoriasis   -   Eczema   -   Rosacea   -   Dry Skin

Burns, Sunburn, Radiation   -   Hemorrhoids   -   Dandruff   -   Hair Care   -   Ring Worms

Cold Sores   -   Fever Blisters   -   Bed Sores   -   Massage Oil   -   Diaper Rashes

Skin Rashes   -   Dermatitis   -   Age Spots   -   Fine Lines and Wrinkles   -   As a Moisturizer

Helps Reduce Signs of Stretch Marks 

Helps Soothe Lips and Skin From Over Exposure to Sun and Wind

Emu Oil Gel Caps for Pain, Added Energy and Essential Fatty Acids

Enhance Healing and Reduce Scarring From Recent Surgery

Hot Spots   -   Added to Their Food Helps Reduce Dry Skin Conditions in Pets

Emu Oil - The Wonder Oil From Down Under

EMU OIL is one of the most exciting and vital products generated from the native Australian bird known as the "EMU". The EMU is the second largest living bird on earth standing on average 5'6" tall and weighing approximately 150 lbs. Besides the oil, the EMU also produces a red, low cholesterol and low fat meat as well as a world-class leather. But, it is the oil that is attracting serious attention from both the medical profession as well as the cosmetic industry.

EMU OIL is receiving worldwide acclaim for outstanding performance in the three major areas described below. Testimonials from numerous users have repeatedly described it as the "Wonder Oil From Down Under"TM and the Australian Aborigines have known for centuries that the oil possesses very special properties which explains its role as a traditional Aboriginal medicine. 


One of the most remarkable attributes of EMU OIL is the effectiveness it has in comforting stiff muscles and joints. EMU OIL is currently undergoing testing in Australia and the United States for it's effectiveness on Arthritis pain as well as it's ability to heal sprains and bruises caused by sports and other activities. The fact that it is natural and has the ability to provide relief WITHOUT any known SIDE-EFFECTS provides a tremendous advantage over other drug related products.

Professor Gosh, Director of the research lab at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital explains "laboratory experiments have confirmed that EMU OIL does have the ability to reduce inflammation of the joints." EMU OIL naturally contains a high level of linolenic acid, a substance known to ease arthritic pain. This coupled with it's ability to penetrate quickly and deeply could easily explain its effectiveness. "This is not witchcraft, these findings are supported by scientific evidence" states Professor Gosh.


EMU OIL has long been found to be effective on burns of all types, from sunburns to first and second degree burns, readily alleviating the pain (in most cases within 2 to 3 minutes) and dramatically reducing the scarring and blistering.


Australian Aborigines have long used EMU OIL as a skin moisturizer to reduce the effects of the harsh Australian sun and aging on their skin. Claims that EMU OIL has unique ANTI-AGING elements are currently under study with very encouraging results to date.

About Emu Oil

Australian Aborigines have been using emu oil forty thousand years to treat aching joints, skin ailments, and open wounds. They introduced it to the first Europeans as a natural sun screen capable of protecting their skin from the harsh wind and sun which was quickly adopted by the new settlers. It was most commonly used in the rural areas to treat bruises, burns and chapped skin until Dr. Peter Gosh or the Raymond Purves Bone and Joint Research Labs & Dr. Michael Whitehouse, University of Adelaide published articles in the Australia Post. Today studies are still being conducted on new uses for the oil with amazing results.

Therapeutic Qualities

Nationally acclaimed researcher, Dr. Barry Sears said, "Emu Oil is an untapped resource and currently now is where aspirin was in the early 1900's." It is a healthy, complex, topical or ingestiable oil, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory properties due to it's high level of linolenic acid, (a substance your body uses to ease muscle ache and joint pain) and oleic acid, which provides a local anti-inflammatory effect, and is trans-dermal so it can be used topically. In addition to reducing swelling and stiffness in joints, it reduces bruising and muscle pain. It also appears to promote faster healing with less pain and scarring from burns and open wounds, as well as irritation and inflammation associated with most skin conditions.

Health Qualities

Emu Oil contains high quantities of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids (the good fat). These are often missing in our low fat diets these days. These are fats that the body can't make but every cell needs in order to function properly. They increase oxidation and metabolic rate increasing stamina and decreasing recovery from fatigue. In the blood system, they lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure, stabilize the heartbeat, protect DNA, cause the kidney to work better preventing "bloating", prevent blood clots, and transport cholesterol and minerals. Fatty acids also elevate your mood, lifting depression and making it easier to deal with stress, since the brain does not function without them. Emu Oil has a concentration of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is vital in the body's communication between cells to help eliminate pain. It also tells the body to convert fats, sugars and carbohydrates to ENERGY which could aid in weight loss and prevention of weight gain along with regular exercise and sensible diet.

Cosmetic Qualities

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and like all our organs, it needs nourishment and protection. Emu oil used alone has sun screen properties & several compounds and minerals the skin needs to be healthy, it thickens the skin, which reduces the appearance of aging. Research at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston revealed that emu oil does not clog the pores like other oils used in cosmetics, therefore making it an excellent base for cosmetics and helping to prevent acne.

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