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Do You Need Relief From Pain?                    

Do You Need Relief From Pain?

Emu oil cream with MSM helps relieve the pain, inflamation, and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, adult rheumatoid arthritisfibromyalgia, sports injury, and everyday muscle stress.

If you are more aware of these symptoms after resting, you may find long-term benefit from moderately increasing your physical activity.  If you need a little relief just to start, we recommend Emu X to help relieve your symptoms.

If you prefer a pain relief formula with a stronger heating/cooling effect, we like Purple Rub or Emu Oil Soothing Cream with Glucosamine Sulfate.

If you suffer from pain and stiffness after intense activity, and prefer a pain relief formula with the maximum heating effect, we recommend Emu Med.

We are confident in our products because we use them ourselves! Please contact us, if we can answer any of your questions.

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